Mission & Core Values

Our Mission

The Lighthouse exists to help people reach their potential by providing emergency shelter, supported living, and affordable housing for anyone who is in need of a place to call home.

Our Core Values

The Lighthouse sees our core values as essential to thrive in a changing world. The Lighthouse’ values are beliefs that have proven themselves in the past, guide our actions in the present and will lead us into the future.

We believe in putting the well being of the people we serve first and that these core value guides our behaviour and decisions in everything we do. Our core values are more than a moral compass. We believe they are a formula for being an agent of change in our community.

We invite you to read our core values and you’ll see that our values are part of the reason why people trust us.

The Lighthouse values

  1. Excellence in everything we do.
  2. Staff and volunteers that inspire, encourage and give hope to those we serve.
  3. Honesty, integrity and accountability in all of our relationships.
  4. The ability to show courage in adversity.
  5. Efforts that achieve results through competence and creativity.
  6. People who constantly build an environment of trust.
  7. Staff and volunteers that respect co-workers, volunteers, residents, clients, and The Lighthouse as an agency.
  8. Efforts that make us a good steward of resources, time, money, and the earth.
  9. An environment that allows for growth and development.