Good Neighbour Policy

The Lighthouse knows that being a supported living facility and emergency shelter in the middle of a commercial district affects it’s neighbours.

The Lighthouse is taking the following steps to minimize our impact on the downtown improvement district and trying to maximize our efforts at making the downtown a better place to live, work and shop.

To do this, we are enforcing the following practices.

  • There is a no smoking policy for our residents along 2nd Avenue in front of our facility, including the benches on the corner of 2nd Avenue and 20th Street. The Lighthouse has a roof top deck in between the two towers that is available to both residents of The Lighthouse and their guests and is open 24 hours. Our rooftop deck features seating, a serving area, and in winter; shelter from the wind that will make it a lot more pleasant up there than it will be on 2nd Avenue. Signage is up all over the facility and staff will be monitoring this issue and deal with anyone that violates it.
  • With the opening of the new facility, life at The Lighthouse is moving farther away from 2nd Avenue to over a block down 20th Street. We feel that this will stop the loitering up front and move it down the block and back on to our deck which is off the street.
  • While panhandling isn’t desirable in Saskatoon, it is legal. We do everything that we can to discourage our residents from panhandling. All of our long term residents have their own room and get three excellent meals and a snack a day. Our emergency shelter residents get a lounge to stay in during the day and three meals and a snack as well. Shelter and food are both taken care of. As the Street Activity Task force states, it is often an addiction to drugs, cigarettes and alcohol that drives people to panhandle. As a dry facility, we find it is often a need for cigarettes. 95% of our residents never do it but for those that do, we do everything we can to keep them from panhandling (and are open to ideas). If you know of one of our residents that are bothering people downtown, please give us a call.
  • We are opening a drop-in centre during the day to allow people to come in, watch television, interact with staff and volunteers, surf the web, check out job opportunities, get employment counselling, or just get off the street. Is it going to solve street activity? No but it will give a good option for anyone that doesn’t have anywhere else to go.

We are committed to being good neighbours along 2nd Avenue and contributing to the success of the downtown core. If you have any concerns, ideas, or want to talk about this, call 306.653.0538