Homelessness in Saskatoon

A poll by the Saskatoon Housing Initiative Partnership polled 1283 random individuals in Saskatchewan:

  • 1/3 felt that our province is doing a poor job combating homelessness
  • 60% believe that the provincial government should take a leading role in dealing with homelessness
  • Just under ½ want to live in a community that provides care for the homeless
  • Over 4 in 10 adults said that they would be willing to volunteer their time to local organizations that work with the homeless

The 2008 Homeless Count done by CUISR

  • The more recent count of Saskatoon’s homeless population was done on May 22, 2008, by the Community University Institute for Social Research showed that 260 individuals were homeless in Saskatoon three years ago:
  • 199 using shelters
  • 44 outdoors
  • 7 using intox centres
  • 6 using hotels
  • 4 using campgrounds

How The Lighthouse is contributing to the solution

Affordable Housing

  • Our east tower will provide 58 1 & 2 bedroom affordable rental suites. These suites will not only allow people to live comfortably but because they are below market rates, they will allow people to also enjoy the benefits of living downtown, bringing new customers and money to downtown businesses.

Supported Living

  • Nine beds for people struggling with mental health issues in partnership with the Saskatoon Health Region.
  • Four double rooms which will allow couples that have historically had to be separated to continue living together.
  • 51 single rooms, each furnished with a bed, dresser, chair, television, and cable television with 24 hour staffing.
  • Home Again program for men & women who are ready for more independent living.

Emergency Shelter

  • 20 beds for single women.
  • 17 beds for single men.
  • The average length of stay for men was 12 days in 2011 and the average was 8 days for women.

All residents of our Supported Living and Emergency Shelter are offered three scheduled meals per day plus an evening snack

Community Outreach