The Lighthouse Supported Living is a non-profit housing provider that offers affordable, long term supportive, transitional, and emergency housing for men, women, and families in Saskatoon.

Our Programs:

Emergency Shelter Services

The Lighthouse provides emergency shelter for single men and women in two separate dorms. These emergency shelters are for people who either have no where to call home or their living situation is such that it is safer for them to be in a shelter. The causes range from people who have just had a bad series of events set them back financially, domestic violence to a series of concurrent disorders. They are given a safe place to sleep, a place to store belongings and supports to help them find employment (if needed) and long term housing that is safe and sustainable.

For those who do not qualify for emergency shelter services or do not handle being in a congregant setting well, The Lighthouse offers an alternative shelter called the Urban Rest Stop.  For a variety of mental health, addictions, and other issues, some people are so difficult to house that none of the emergency shelters in Saskatoon can house them.  They often end up on the streets or in our prison system when the immediate problem is a lack of emergency shelter.  The Urban Rest Stop offers a basic level of shelter but it is still warm and safe.  In the morning our staff will work with them to determine next steps and see if they can a way to find better housing options.

Long-Term Supportive Housing

The Lighthouse’s first tower was known for many years as the Capri Hotel (and before that the historic Empire Hotel). It features 64 rooms and features a variety of residents who need varying levels of support to allow them to function in the community. It’s a diverse community and ranges from transitioning youth to low income seniors. Some have physical and cognitive disabilities and are overcoming addictions. What they all have in common is that they find a sense of community, safety, and a place to call home at The Lighthouse.

Affordable Housing

In 2012, The Lighthouse opened it’s east tower, a 58 suite affordable housing facility made up of one and two bedroom suites, classroom space, common area, and a large dining room that is available for all of our residents. The below market rents make it possible for those that are struggling with rents in Saskatoon to

Transitional Housing

After a time at the Lighthouse, some of our residents are ready to move back into the wider Saskatoon community. The Lighthouse operates five homes in the community for residents to live in where they learn to keep the homes running, live with roommates, and integrate themselves back into members of the community.

Community Outreach

The expansion of the Lighthouse doesn’t just mean more housing units, it gives us an opportunity to offer new services both residents and others in the community that need it. Our finished building will offer a drop-in centre, a nurses station, employment centre, education, and meals open to the public.