Renter’s Guide

Welcome to your new home.

The Lighthouse hopes you will enjoy living here and becoming a member of the community.

We have been entrusted the management of family housing projects developed and owned by three levels of government: federal, provincial and city.

Since the three levels of government subsidize capital costs for these projects, The Lighthouse is able to offer you quality housing at affordable rents.

This tenant handbook has been prepared to help you understand how we operate and to explain your responsibilities as a tenant.

We ask that you read it carefully and keep it handy for future reference.

The Lighthouse staff members have your interests in mind. If you are unsure of the policies or procedures, or if you need other assistance, please call us or visit our front desk.


This is your new home.

You are entitled to the same privacy here as you would expect as a homeowner. However, renting adds special responsibilities. Courtesies such as quiet living and respect for others are essential.

Your responsibilities as a tenant are outlined in this handbook.

Your Lease …

The lease is a contract which sets out, in writing, the responsibilities of both The Lighthouse as the landlord and you as the tenant.


Once the lease is signed, you will be informed of a specific move-in date.  On that date, your keys will be available after the first month’s rent is paid in cash or money order.  We do not accept checks.

Renters’ Rights

  • Live in a home that is safe
  • Not be disturbed or harassed by landlord
  • Have repairs fixed within a reasonable time
  • Have building insured by landlord
  • Have common areas like hallways, entrances, and laundry area clean and well lit
  • Have damage/security deposit returned within 10 days of moving out
  • Receive a signed copy of rental agreement
  • Receive a signed copy of the completed Condition of Premises
  • Checklist when moving in and moving out
  • Receive receipts for rent and damage/security deposit

Renters’ Responsibilities

  • Pay rent on time
  • Pay utility bills on time
  • Keep property clean
  • Have insurance for personal property
  • Be considerate of neighbours (for example: keep general noise down, supervise children)
  • Do not conduct illegal or harmful activities
  • Do not lend out fob’s
  • Repair any damage caused by you or your guests (renter is not responsible for ordinary wear and tear

Landlords’ Rights

  • Receive rent on time
  • Receive appropriate Notice to Vacate
  • Have property clean and well kept
  • Receive prompt notice of repairs needed
  • Have damage caused by renters or guests repaired by the renter (landlord must expect ordinary wear and tear)

Landlords’ Responsibilities

  • Have place clean and in good condition at move-in
  • Maintain all appliances or services included in the rent (may include: heat, water, electricity, laundry, fridge, and stove)
  • Make repairs promptly after notification
  • Maintain common areas such as hallways, entryways, and outside of building
  • Return damage deposit with interest 10 days after tenant moves out
  • Insure the building
  • Respect the privacy of the renter
  • Make sure the place is safe and fit to live in
  • Give tenant signed copy of rental agreement
  • Give tenant receipts for rent and damage/security deposit
  • Provide at least 24 hours’ written notice before entering a rental unit

Causes for Eviction (as taken from the City of Saskatoon’s Housing Handbook)

  • A landlord can evict a tenant (ask the tenant to move out immediately) if the tenant is more than 15 days in arrears on rent or utilities.
  • The landlord can serve one calendar month’s notice to terminate the tenancy for a number of reasons, including the following:
  • The security deposit remains unpaid for more than 30 days
  • The tenant is repeatedly late paying rent
  • An unreasonable number of occupants are living in the rental unit
  • The tenant and guests disturbed or jeopardized the health or safety of others living around them or the landlord
  • The tenant fails to repair the rental unit after being given notice and reasonable time to complete the repair (in such cases, the landlord must first warn the tenant about the problem and give the tenant an opportunity to remedy the problem if it is capable of being remedied)
  • The residential property is sold and the purchaser intends to move in
  • The landlord decides to make major repairs
  • The landlord decides to tear down the residential property

In extremely serious cases, a landlord can evict a tenant immediately without any warnings or notice if the conduct complained of is so serious it would be considered unreasonable to wait.

Tenants have rights under The Residential Tenancies Act, 1986, The Saskatchewan Human Rights Code and health, fire, and safety regulations.

Your Movers…

Please ask your movers to be careful to prevent unnecessary damage.

Movers are not allowed to drive vehicles sidewalks.

No Smoking Policy…

The Lighthouse is a NO SMOKING BUILDING which means your apartment, hallways, and all common areas.

Paying Your Rent…

Rent must be paid on or before the first day of every month.  Failure to pay by the first day of the month is a violation of your lease.

For residents on Social Services, we understand that your Rental Supplement check comes mid month but your rent is due on the first of the month each month.

If for any reason you are unable to pay your rent, contact us to discuss the situation before the first of the month.

Payment is accepted in cash, personal cheque or money order.

Termination of Your Lease …

Staff members of The Lighthouse have your interests in mind and are ready to help you if needed. Call us if you are encountering problems.

You may face eviction for the following reasons:

  • failing to pay rent on time or persistent late payment;
  • disturbing other tenants or continually making noise;
  • causing damage to or failing to maintain your unit or property;
  • permitting those not on the lease agreement to live in the unit;
  • keeping dogs, cats or other animals in and/or on the premises;
  • failing to disclose income or misrepresenting your earnings.
  • alcohol or drug use
  • violence initiated by you or your guests
  • vandalism or willful damage

Giving Notice …

  • If you plan to move, your written notice must be received at our office at least one calendar month in advance. This means on or before the last day of the month prior to the month in which you intend to move.  Forms are available at the Front Office or online.
  • For example, if you plan to vacate at the end of November, your written notice must be received at the office on or before the last day of October.
  • If your notice is received even one day late, you are responsible for the following month’s rent.
  • Your unit must be left in the same clean condition when you leave as it was when you moved in.
  • Keys to your unit should be left in your suite or returned to our office.
  • Do not allow movers to bring their vehicles on sidewalks.
  • Falling behind on your utilities


Caretakers represent The Lighthouse are responsible for all aspects of keeping the project safe, clean and well-maintained. They are the “direct line” contact people to other members of The Lighthouse. They know who to call when a problem arises.

The Front Desk is able to take your calls for our maintenance staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Caretakers at your site have your interests in mind. They are committed to work with you to provide safe, clean, secure and pleasant surroundings for you to live.

Home Alterations…

No alterations, additions or improvements are to be made to the premises without written consent from The Lighthouse; and if any alterations are made, the premises shall be returned to their former state at your expense.

All proposed alterations must be requested and approved in writing. Please contact us for further information.

Requesting Repairs…

The Lighthouse strives to maintain the housing units in the best possible condition. You are encouraged to call when repairs are needed.

We will not charge for repairs resulting from normal use; however, if repairs are needed due to circumstances beyond normal use, a charge will be made to you. In such cases you will be advised of the costs involved.

When you call for repairs, permission to enter your home will be requested. When granted, steps will be taken to complete the repairs as quickly as possible. If you wish to be present when the repairs are done, you may schedule an appointment.

Make sure to contact The Lighthouse as soon as you discover that repairs are required. If neglected, minor repairs will turn into major problems.

It’s a common misconception that owners do not want their tenants to contact them when they have a maintenance issue. Many issues that occur around a home do not require a major expense but if neglected, could become a much larger problem. If it is causing an inconvenience to you, let us know and we will repair the item. It’s just as important to The Lighthouse that the apartment remains occupied and in good condition. Don’t fear retaliatory actions from The Lighthouse.  We appreciate your diligence with regards to the care of your home.

There are maintenance repair forms that can be filled out at the front desk.  These make it easy for you to describe where and what the problem is and saves maintenance staff time in troubleshooting and fixing the problem.

Annual Maintenance Check…

To ensure high quality maintenance of your premises, The Lighthouse will schedule a maintenance check with you once a year.

The maintenance check will determine need for immediate repairs, improvements needed in the future, and identify fire hazards.

You are invited to call the Front Desk if you have a problem.


Wheelchair Accessibility …

The Lighthouse provides wheelchair-accessible rental units designed exclusively for people using wheelchairs. If you require a wheelchair accessible unit, please call us.


Fridges and stoves are provided. Please keep all appliances in good clean condition.


You are responsible for the ordinary cleanliness of both the interior and exterior of the premises.

Garbage …

Wrap and securely tie your garbage in plastic bags. Please ensure all garbage is properly disposed of in the garbage bins.

Insurance …

The Lighthouse does not provide you with any type of insurance coverage. To protect yourself against a loss of your furnishings or belongings due to fire, theft or other damage, we encourage  you to obtain your own insurance. Liability insurance coverage against water damage is required if you have a water bed.

Check to make certain your insurance policy includes liability insurance.

Remember: Be sure to notify your insurance agent of changes to your policy.


New locks are installed before you move in. One FOB is provided.

You are not allowed to change or install new locks.

In the event you are locked out, a staff person is available at the Front Desk.

Laundry …

The Lighthouse has a centrally located laundry room for the use of tenants only. They are equipped with washers and dryers and are maintained at no charge.

You are able to obtain a laundry card from the Front Desk 24 hours a day.


The Lighthouse paints regularly. If you think your home needs painting, your request will be considered following an inspection.

Parking …

Sorry, parking stalls are not provided.

Pest Control …

Pests can spread within apartment buildings. Good housekeeping by you and The Lighthouse will prevent pest infestations.  It’s a shared responsibility. Please report all pest problems to us immediately. Action will be taken to safely and effectively eliminate pests.


Sorry, dogs, cats or other animals are not allowed on the premises. Visiting relatives and friends with pets must arrange other accommodation for their pets.


When hanging pictures on the walls, please use the small nail on picture hangers. (The stick-on hangers cause damage.)


You are responsible for arranging for the connection of the utilities which should be transferred to your name on the day of your move-in.  Therefore, it is necessary to make arrangements prior to your move with:

  • City of Saskatoon for electricity

Please remember there is a charge to you for connecting utilities.

We require a utility verification form signed by the specified utility representative to ensure the utilities will be transferred into your name before you move into your apartment.


Relatives and/or friends may stay for a limited time. You should inform us of the temporary arrangement. Any other arrangement is in violation of your lease agreement.

You are responsible for the behavior and activities of your visitors. Disturbances created by your guests will be considered a violation of your lease agreement.

Sorry, students other than your dependents cannot live with you for a school term.


To Prevent Fires…

  • Do not store oily rags.
  • Do not use gasoline or solvents inside your home.
  • Do not leave anything on the stove unattended.

If Fire Breaks Out …

If a fire starts in your home, don’t try to put it out; leave it to the fire fighters.

The first and most important thing to do is ensure everyone gets out of the building. Close the door to your unit as you leave but don’t lock it. Once safely away from the fire, telephone the fire department and pull the fire escape.  Take the stairs down and let the staff know where the fire started.

Please take special precautions to prevent fire from starting in your home.

Smoke Detectors…

Your home is equipped with a smoke detector to provide an early warning in the event of fire. If these detectors seem overly sensitive, please contact us.

Covering up or altering the smoke detectors will be cause for eviction and it risks the lives of everyone in the building.

Vandalism …

Vandalism is everybody’s business.

We encourage your involvement in the Neighbourhood Watch program.  Experience has shown this program reduces incidents of vandalism and makes your apartment a safer place to live. If you see vandalism occurring, please call the police.

Report damage to the caretaker or the Front Desk.


Listed for your reference are referral agencies, organizations, self-help groups and businesses within the community.

  • Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) | (306) 665-6727 | Offers support to men and women wanting to solve their alcoholism problem.
  • Building Independence Program | 1-888-488-6385 | Helps lower-income families. Saskatchewan Child Benefits, Saskatchewan Employment Supplement, Saskatchewan Training Opportunities, Family Health Benefits
  • Canada Employment Centre | 1-800-206-7218 | Provides lists of job vacancies and offers career and employment counselling, financial assistance including tuition and living allowances for training and upgrading.
  • Catholic Family Services | (306) 244-7773 | Offers counselling regardless of religious affiliation. Fees are assessed on individual ability to pay.
  • Child and Youth Mental Health Services | (306) 655-7950 | Supports healthy development in all areas of the lives of children and youth in order to meet their mental health needs.
  • Community Aid/Resource Centre YWCA | (306) 244-0944 | Offers helpline, teenline, directory of community services
  • Crisis Nursery | (306) 242-2433 |  Provides short term emergency care for children up to 12 years when the family is in crisis or experiencing stress.
  • Department of Social Services | (306) 933-5960 | Provides financial assistance, family and child care assistance, support services
  • Egadz – Downtown Youth Centre | (306) 931-6644 | Offers a safe, acceptable place for youth at risk (12-19 years). Resources and support services that empower youth to meet their needs are provided.
  • Elizabeth Fry Society | (306) 934-4606 | Provides help to women in conflict with the law, assists women through court process, assists women with drug and alcohol problems.
  • Family Healing Circle Lodge | (306) 653-3900 | Provides several programs including cultural, violence prevention, after school programs for children, and access to a safe shelter for aboriginal and non-aboriginal women and children.
  • Family Law Division | (306) 933-5174 | Establishes and enforces family maintenance orders.
  • Family Support Centre | (306) 933-7751 | Offers parent education, teen parent program for pre and post pregnancy planning as well as a domestic abuse outreach program.
  • Interval House | (306) 244-0185 | Offers crisis accommodation for women with or without children. Basic counselling and emotional support referrals to appropriate services.
  • Legal Aid Commission | (306) 933-7820 | Provides legal services in criminal and family matters to low-income individuals.
  • Mobile Crisis | (306) 933-6200 | Provides support in emergency and crisis situations.
  • Open Door Society | (306) 653-4464 | Helps immigrants and refugees settle in the city.
  • Provincial Mediation Board | (306) 933-6520 | Offers debt counselling.
  • READ Saskatoon | 652-5448 | Offers help to adults wishing to learn to read.
  • Saskatoon Adlerian Society | 975-0885 | Promotes respectful and responsible parenting through parenting programs, books, videos and speakers.
  • Saskatoon Family Service Bureau | 244-0127 | Offers counselling. Fees are assessed on individual ability to pay.
  • Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Centre | (306) 664-6565 | Provides food hampers and assistance in times when you are running low on food and essentials.
  • Saskatoon Tribal Council (STC) Family Centre 978-7400 | Offers in-home counselling and support to First Nations and aboriginal families as well as cultural programs and support.
  • Sexual Assault and Information Help Line | (306) 244-2224 | Offers information and support to victims of sexual assaults.
  • The Salvation Army Community Services | (306) 244.6833 | They provide food hampers and other after hours emergency services.

Other Telephone Numbers

The Lighthouse | 306.653.0538

  • If an emergency requires police, fire personnel or an ambulance, please call them directly.
  • 24-Hour Emergency Service: 911 (fire, ambulance, police)
  • Saskatoon City Police Inquiries: (306) 975-8300
  • Assaulted Women’s Help Line: 1-888-364-1210
  • Abused Women’s Help Line: 1-888-338-0880
  • Kids Help Line: 1 800 668-6868
  • Mobile Crisis Line: (306) 933-6200
  • Kids Help Line: (306) 975-0868
  • Parent’s Help Line: 1-888-603-9100
  • Saskatoon Sexual Assault Centre: (306) 244-2224 or Information: (306) 244-2294
  • Suicide Crisis Line: (306) 933-6200
  • Poison Control Centre: (306) 655-1010
  • Child Protection Services: (306) 933-6077
  • Victim Services: (306) 933-5173
  • Poison Control Centre: 1-866-454-1212
  • Crimestoppers: 1-800-222-TIPS (8477)
  • Highways Hotline: (306) 933-8333
  • If a maintenance emergency arises after regular working hours, please call the Front Desk. Be sure to give your name, address, the nature of the call and a phone number at which you can be reached. A member of the maintenance staff will return your call as soon as possible. The nature of the emergency and the number of calls demanding attention will determine the response time.