Employment Training

For people living on the streets, finding a job is very difficult if not impossible. Many have no education and no one to offer guidance – to show them how to write a resume, how to search, how to prepare for an interview – they”re completely unfamiliar with what it takes to land, and keep, a job. It’s a tough equation, but at The Lighthouse , helping our residents find jobs is the most important step to financial independence and a life off the streets, and therefore it is one of our primary goals.

Through our job training and readiness programs, our residents gain skills in a specific vocation and also learn what they need to know about job hunting and the professional world. We give them interview clothes, conduct mock interviews to coach them on how to land a job, help them prepare resumes, and cultivate relationships with local employers so that we can place them where possible.

Does it work for everyone? Many of our supported living residents never graduate from our job training programs. They may not have the capacity to get and keep a job but they do find meaning and some extra income contributing to the community that is The Lighthouse. It gives them something meaningful to do, gives them a purpose and helps them contribute back in their own way.

For more information on our Employment Training Program, call The Lighthouse at 306.653.0538 or email hello@lighthousesaskatoon.org