Needed: CD Players

Written By The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse Supported Living is an emergency shelter, supported living, and affordable housing provider in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

May 3, 2012

If you are like me, you don’t use your CD player very much or if at all anymore and you have a couple of them laying around.  If that is true, The Lighthouse needs them for their Complex Needs Wing.  The residents that are moving into the Complex Needs Wing have their room and board paid by the Ministry of Social Services but have very little money after that.  By the fact that they are in the Complex Needs Wing means that they can’t even start to think about employment yet.  We have televisions and cable for them but many of our residents love music and we would love for them to be able to experience that or listen to John Gormley, Sheila Coles, or another morning show in the morning.

If you are inclined to drop off a CD player/stereo, feel free to weed out your CD collection and bring us down some “classics” that you don’t want anymore.  Our residents will love them and we won’t tell anyone what you brought down.  I love Bon Jovi so I can’t judge anyone.

You would be surprised how much stuff like this can mean to people.

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