Donor Stories – John and Leslie Courtney

Written By Anna Pacik

October 9, 2013

Thank you to Leslie & John Courtney for their $25,000 gift towards the Lighthouse Up Capital Campaign
Leslie Courtney not only signed up to be the Co-Chair of the Lighthouse Capital Campaign but has also made a sizeable donation towards the renovation of suites and expansion of services at the Lighthouse. Leslie shared with us why she decided to get involved:
John and I are happy to be able to help the Lighthouse.  When we toured the Lighthouse, and saw all the great things being done; with the overnight shelter, the assisted living tower, and the affordable living tower, we realized that there are a lot of people who really don’t have the same support and outlook that we have.  We saw that people were coming in from the streets and being helped.  They are being helped by a caring community of people at the Lighthouse.  I love seeing people progress from the homeless and helpless point, on to where they have a bed, or a whole room and can begin to have hope!  Once they have hope and stability and support in their lives, there is so much they can accomplish!  We believe that the Lighthouse does such great work; that we wanted to make a donation, as well as give our time.
I hope more people see what the Lighthouse is accomplishing with the variety of needs they service, and that they are compelled to give their money to help too!
–Leslie Courtney


Thank you so much Leslie and John. Your spirit of generosity is truly special and helps those who are vulnerable and in need in Saskatoon find a place to call home.


If you would like to make a donation towards the Lighthouse Capital Campaign, click here.

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