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A Life in a Bin

The words of Carlton, one of our staff:

“You see a bin, but the reality is this is someone’s whole life in that bin. A client told me tonight that’s all his worldly possessions are in a bin. I use to be able to put everything in a bin also. So it’s not about the stuff we own and can put in the bin, for me it’s about the relationships we have with our family, friends, our community, and treating other people with the grace and compassion they all deserve. I get to go to my home and to my family. I also get to try and help another very dear friend go through a hard time in his life and last of all I can be a Husband to my wife, a Father to our kids, a son to my parents, and brother to my siblings. Today I am present and grateful!!”

Carlton is one of our Front Line staff and has worked with our clients and residents for over 3 years now. He has come to know many of them on a very personal level and cares deeply for them. He has his own story and uses it to empower others to be a better version of themself.

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