Casual Support Worker

Position Type

Casual position (potential for part-time or full-time positions). Shifts vary in length from 8 hours to 12 hours. Casual coverage needed for day, evening, and night shifts; weekdays and weekends (24/7 facility)

Reports To

Reports to the Front Line Manager (Front Desk, Stabilization Shelter, Mobile Outreach) or the  Manager of Client Services (Complex Needs)


As part of the dynamic team for The Lighthouse, Support Workers can be trained to work in all four of The Lighthouse’s departments: 1) Front Desk, 2) Stabilization Shelter, 3) Mobile Outreach, and 4) Complex Needs. The Lighthouse is open 24/7 so the ability to work day, evening, and night shifts, as well as shifts during the week and on weekends, is an asset.


Job Duties

Lighthouse Support Workers can be trained in four different departments. Specific job duties required for each department are below:

Front Desk

  • Provides support services to Lighthouse residents;
  • Supervise the shelters and facilities to maintain safe and comfortable working environment
  • Liaise with other community resources;
  • Maintain accurate and timely reporting as required;
  • Take rent cheques, cash, and serve papers as required;
  • Liaise with all departments, as first point of contact for Lighthouse services;
  • Answer phone inquiries from the public;
  • Perform intake for those coming into the shelters;
  • Dispatch Mobile Outreach team for transportation of individuals throughout the community
  • Assist Stabilization Shelter staff as required
  • Perform laundry duties for shelter; gathering, washing, drying laundry and stacking mats
  • Document all client and tenant medication brought to the Lighthouse; assist clients by obtaining their medication from locked cabinet throughout the day as needed
  • Point of contact with public regarding donations; organize and put away donations
  • Light cleaning in front desk area; keep front desk area tidy and presentable
  • Be an active and supportive listener
  • Ensure clients clearly understand household rules/expectations
  • Communicate with staff and managers regarding the general progress of the client, and any concerns, significant changes in the client’s behaviour, lack of follow through with rules, etc.
  • Note concerns, changes, and incidents in the log book
  • Document maintenance requests and submit to supervisory staff
  • Communicate (verbally and in writing) pertinent information
  • Comply with all legislation bylaws and standards (health, fire, safety)
  • Maintain positive relationships with community members (neighbours, visitors, etc.) and report significant issues/incidents to supervisor

Mobile Outreach

  • Actively locate and identify homeless individuals
  • Engage individuals experiencing homelessness and build helping relationships
  • Make one-on- one contact with individuals on the streets to encourage transition into shelters
  • Respond to calls for assistance from community service agencies, medical services, businesses or concerned citizens regarding homeless individuals.
  • Assess urgency and based on that, prioritize enquiries, complaints and emergency situations involving homeless individuals. Assess immediate needs and issues, evaluate risk, make calls in a timely manner where emergency services are needed, and help identify or implement short-term solutions.
  • Ensure safety and well-being of clients and program staff
  • Where necessary provide basic comfort foods, warm-up opportunities, basic hygiene supplies and simple clothing items, e.g., socks
  • Advocate on behalf of clients and/or support them in advocating for themselves. Provide information and orientation regarding community services.
  • Participate in Health Team and client case conferences where necessary and appropriate.
  • Contribute to team building, effective communication and participate in ongoing
  • Collaborate with community agencies to improve accessibility to services for the homeless and hard to engage.
  • Foster positive neighbourhood/community connections and relationships within the area served using community development principles.
  • Provide transportation for Lighthouse residents & clients to facilitate access to services.
  • Log contacts and service activities while on shift. Document client related information, observations, and impressions that may impact a client’s care plan.
  • Report and document critical incidents in a complete and timely manner.
  • Maintain electronic client records, program reporting and statistics necessary for program management and evaluation.
  • Be familiar and compliant with the policies, procedures and practices of The Lighthouse
  • Maintains current knowledge of legislation, community services, resources, policies, programs, procedures and issues affecting client population
  • Attend to safe driving practices and vehicle fueling, washes and maintenance
  • Monitor inventory of supplies and informational resources carried on board outreach vehicle and restock as needed.
  • Participate in ongoing staff development and training. Obtain and maintain necessary certifications. Maintain knowledge and skills in areas of mental illness, addictions, concurrent disorders, homelessness and crisis management.
  • Assist other Lighthouse staff and program areas as needed.

Stabilization Shelter

  • Conduct client intakes
  • Obtain and record demographic and other required information from shelter users
  • Assess client’s level of intoxication, risk factors, and appropriateness of service
  • Redirect clients to more appropriate service where necessary
  • Build supportive relationship with shelter users
  • Support and facilitate stabilization of clients during their stay
  • Provide and promote a safe environment for clients and staff
  • Monitor clients through verbal exchange and behavioural observations at 30-minute intervals
  • Maintain peace and quiet in shelter
  • Conduct routine rounds – check bathrooms
  • Alert co-workers and coordinate response whenever needing to approach a client to manage behaviours or if needing to de-escalate a situation.
  • Make emergency service calls in cases of imminent medical, suicidal or violence risk
  • Perform prescribed set-up and take-down procedures including: food provision, stripping beds, preparing bedding for laundry and re-making beds as needed
  • Perform clean up duties using prescribed sanitation procedures and cleaning supplies
  • Facilitate client shower and laundry sign-ups
  • Communicate with case managers regarding client care
  • Document and file client information and entering of data onto information system
  • Complete shift report, entries in Information Log; prepare any necessary Incident Reports
  • Document “bars” into barred list
  • Assist with service planning and evaluation processes.
  • Obtain and maintain necessary certifications: ASIST, PART/WAVE, First Aid/CPR, Mental Health First Aid, etc
  • Participate in ongoing staff development and training
  • Become familiar with and be compliant with Lighthouse Policies and Procedures
  • Present self in an approachable, friendly manner as an ethical example of a professional community organization
  • Assist other Lighthouse staff and program areas as needed
  • Perform other duties as assigned

Complex Needs

  • Taking the direction of Complex Needs Case Managers, oversees the daily operational functioning of Complex Needs office. This includes daily room checks, medications, files, stats, cleaning of office, staff washroom, hallways, and stairwell, as well as overseeing move-outs and room preparation for new residents.
  • Actively engages, develops and maintains effective working relationships with residents.
  • In consultation with Complex Needs Case Managers and community care team members, helps support the CN resident’s case plans and goal achievement.
  • Encourage residents to explore, access resources and engage in relevant health and recovery practices and programs. Provide residents with reminders and transportation for appointments, as necessary.
  • Following the “CN Medication Storage and Access Policy”, help residents manage their medications.
  • Facilitate resident acquisition of life skills, healthy leisure/recreational activity and encourage exploration of employment readiness, education or training.
  • Coach clients around personal hygiene, room care, and life skills. Help facilitate psycho-educational programs.
  • Be familiar and compliant with Lighthouse Policies and Procedures.
  • Explain, monitor and reinforce Lighthouse policies and procedures to ensure a safe, mutually respectful and sustained tenancy.
  • Contribute to and promote a community climate of respect, safety and mutual support among residents and staff of the Lighthouse.
  • Help maintain strong linkages and relationships with relevant community agencies and with partner health and social service providers to ensure seamless transitions for client service
  • Present self in an approachable, friendly manner as an ethical example of a professional community organization
  • Participate in ongoing staff development and training to obtain necessary certifications or to recertify. Maintain current knowledge and skills in areas of mental illness, addictions, concurrent disorders and crisis management.
  • Contribute to team building, effective communication and participate in ongoing program development and evaluation
  • Assist in the support of Dube Tower residents
  • Assist other staff and program areas as needed.


  • Human Services degree or diploma, related life/work experience or combinations thereof
  • Must have a valid driver’s license (for Mobile Outreach work)
  • First Aid and CPR Certification would be an asset
  • A Criminal Record & Vulnerability Sector Check are required as a condition of employment.
  • Knowledge/understanding of poverty, homelessness, oppression, addiction & mental illness.
  • Good organizational, time management and prioritizing skills
  • Ability to work with a diverse and often highly stigmatized clientele
  • Cultural sensitivity and respect for client individuality and self-determination
  • Demonstrated skills, experience and knowledge in the areas of harm reduction
  • Strong knowledge of health, financial, housing and social service organizations.
  • Demonstrated understanding of responsible self-care.
  • Ability to take initiative, be assertive and work under pressure and in crisis situations.
  • Ability to de-escalate interpersonal conflicts in an effective fashion
  • Proven pro-active, problem solving ability.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills required to work effectively with co-workers, clients, community, and other service providers.
  • Demonstrated ability to work in a collegial, team environment.
  • Ability to use MS Office, e-mail and/or client information systems

Work Conditions

  • Position involves shift work – daytime, evening, and night hours. Shifts vary in length (8 hours for Front Desk or Stabilization Shelter; 12 hours for Mobile Outreach and Complex Needs)
  • Persons served could potentially have mental illness, addictions, behavioural issues and/or medical issues possibly including infectious diseases such as HIV/HepC. Individuals may be under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Position requires physical fitness, mobility and working outdoors and at times working in inclement weather.
  • Interacts with the public, Lighthouse residents, and staff
  • Work with individuals who are intoxicated, may be volatile, and may destabilize
  • Manual dexterity required to use desktop computer and peripherals
  • Ability to lift up to 50 lbs
  • Physical activity required including walking, standing


Please send resume and cover letter to Raeleen Viklund, Human Resource Manager, by email at, fax to 306-665-7770 or drop-off in person at Lighthouse Front Desk (304 2nd Ave S).