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Action Accord Media Release highlights Lighthouse success

photo 2 (21)Today the Action Accord held a press conference at the Lighthouse to release data showing that holding intoxicated individuals in city cells has gone down since the Lighthouse Stabilization Unit opened and individuals are increasingly being housing in the most appropriate facilities.

Saskatoon Police Chief Clive Weighill said, “The Saskatoon Police Service is very pleased to see this dramatic shift toward the increased use of appropriate facilities such as the BDU and the Lighthouse. The traditional use of police service calls was one of necessity, not one of choice. The addition of the Lighthouse Emergency Shelter in 2013 provided the capacity we needed to better enable us to provide emergency shelter to people with dignity and access to ‘next day’ services.”

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To read the full report click the link: Action Accord Media Release June 10 2014.

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