Art Classes

Art classes at The LighthouseOur support staff operates an ongoing art class for our residents.  It gives our residents to hang out with staff, explore their creative side, and interact with each other.

The class is part emotional outlet and part self-esteem building.

We have found at The Lighthouse that sometimes, it’s difficult for people to express themselves verbally.  To help overcome that, our art classes are an outlet for people. When people are feeling down about themselves, it can help them start rebuilding some of their self confidence.

After our residents are done with their art, they have the option of keeping it, giving it away or hanging it in one of our galleries.

Art classes at The Lighthouse Supported Living

Art classes at The Lighthouse Supported Living

If you are interested in helping out, dropping in, or donating to this program, please contact our Volunteer/Program Coordinator at 306.653.0538 or at