Current Openings

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To be a dynamic and innovative housing and service provider in the communities we serve that assists individuals in reaching higher levels of personal growth, independence and resilience by providing supports and meeting needs through a client-centred approach.

The Lighthouse values

  • Excellence in everything we do.
  • Staff and volunteers that inspire, encourage and give hope to those we serve.
  • Honesty, integrity and accountability in all of our relationships.
  • The ability to show courage in adversity.
  • Efforts that achieve results through competence and creativity.
  • People who constantly build an environment of trust.
  • Staff and volunteers that respect co-workers, volunteers, residents, clients, and The Lighthouse as an agency.
  • Efforts that make us a good steward of resources, time, money, and the earth.
  • An environment that allows for growth and development.


Funding for operations and capital requirements for the programs and services is received from the following:

  • Ministry of Social Services
  • Saskatchewan Health Authority
  • Private Foundations
  • Public and private corporations
  • Churches, community-based service clubs, and individual donors