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Your Used Digital Camera

Konica Minolta Dimage Z10

When I bought this camera it was the state of the art.  Here is what CNet said about it back in 2005.

Like the rest of the Z-series family, the Konica Minolta Dimage Z10 looks like it was stolen from an “amazing world of the future” exhibit at a 1950s science fair. You either like its looks or you don’t, but its shape, though not compact, turns out to be functional, allowing a comfortable and secure grip. The plastic two-tone grey and silver body, while far from luxurious, feels reasonably well built for the Z10’s price level. The camera weighs 368 grams with batteries and media installed, which is light for a megazoom–the wonder of plastic, as they might have said at that science fair.

Look at these specs

  • Megapixels : 3 megapixels
  • LCD display size : 1.5 inch
  • Optical zoom : 8 x

Like most technology, what was amazing 7 years ago, hasn’t aged well.  While I took over 14,000 photos with it before handing it down to my son and now he wants something better and it is sitting in a closet like a lot of old technology.  What The Lighthouse would love is if you could take a look in your closet of obsolete technology and do a little house cleaning and bring it down to The Lighthouse.

We are looking for digital cameras and digital camcorders that you don’t need anymore after upgrading so we can use it in our computer lab and art classes.  We are also looking for digital video cameras that you may not be using either, whether they be 640×480 or widescreen HD.

I am going to donate the above mentioned camera and a Canon digital video camera.  If you want to help match me, drop off your donation anytime at our front desk.  We will make sure your old digital cameras sees some creative uses.

The StarPhoenix: The Lighthouse Seeks Donations

From The StarPhoenix

The StarPhoenixNew pairs of men’s underwear and socks are in high demand at the Lighthouse Supported Living.

“It’s been a very busy summer around here. Our shelters have been very full,” said DeeAnn Mercier, spokeswoman for the shelter.

Mercier said the Lighthouse, which provides shelter and long term supported living for people with mental health issues, regularly receives donations of used clothing. But because undergarments, socks and other hygiene products are not accepted if they are used, there is a shortage.

“In summer (people using the shelter) travel light, they don’t have as many things with them. We see a lot of transient people in the summer months,” Mercier said.

“When it’s wet – like it’s been here lately – dry socks are really important. Wet socks can cause all kinds of foot problems.”

Mercier said the Lighthouse doesn’t have a target in mind, but she would like to see at least 100 pairs of each – socks and underwear – donated. She also encouraged people to donate these kinds of items to other shelters throughout the city.

“The need doesn’t stop in summer. Just because the weather is nice maybe people aren’t aware that there are people in need, but the need doesn’t stop,” she said.

Urgent Summer Needs for The Shelters

Red boxer briefs.  These are the kind of things we need.When men and women come into either the men’s emergency shelter or women’s emergency shelter, they are often in the need of clothing and hygiene products like soap, deodorant, underwear and socks.   While we get in a lot of clothes donations, we generally don’t receive underwear and sock donations (for the obvious reason that people toss them out when they wear out)

New underwear and hygiene products that make a big difference in how people see themselves and makes a difference as people take the steps to find employment, safe housing, and start to put their lives back together.  When you only have the pair that you are wearing because you have lived on the streets or are fleeing domestic violence, your need is real and immediate.

While you are out and about this summer, we have men and women that would really appreciate it if you tossed a pack of underwear, socks, or some hygiene products (for men and women) into your cart and dropped them off at The Lighthouse.  We give them out free of charge to those that need them.  You have no idea what a big difference a small purchase like this can mean.

The Lighthouse is staffed 24/7 and so anytime that works for you to drop off some donations, it works for us.   More importantly, helps out a lot of people this summer.


While our demand for hygiene products seems to peak over the summer, our need for socks goes way up once the summer turns to fall and there is moisture on the ground.  With many of our clients diabetics, it is really important that they have good foot health.  So even if we have a mountain of socks, they all get used in the cold weather months.   Any new socks that you can bring in at anytime makes  a big difference to our clients, now and in the wet and cold months to come.

Helping the Homeless Avoid the Heat in Saskatoon

As Rawlco Radio reports

Beating the heat in Saskatoon

For the people staying in the Lighthouse Supported Living shelters it is often their first time with air conditioning.

Lighthouse representative DeeAnn Mercier said that they are truly appreciative.

“They are really thankful. We actually see them less because they are staying up in their air-conditioned room,” she said.

The clients still have to walk to appointments with doctors, social workers, and employers in the heat. Mercier said that can cause a danger.

“We are just trying to keep everyone hydrated,” she said.

“We are encouraging our staff to keep an eye on everybody, so that if we notice if anyone is looking like they are having heatstroke or sunstroke we can encourage them to lie down, drink some water, and stay hydrated.”

Mercier also encourages people to consider donating water to any of the shelters in the city.

“We can hand them out for people to carry with them … any of the shelters in town would really appreciate bottled water,” she said.

If you have bottled water, drop it off anytime at 304 2nd Avenue South.

Host Your Own Summertime Event for The Lighthouse

Host an event for The Lighthouse

There is a lot of great stuff to do this summer.  I don’t know about you but my summer involves trips out to the cabin, taking in the SaskTel Jazz Festival, walking Broadway during the PotashCorp Fringe Festival, taking the boys to the Ex, and being upset that I am on a diet while we go as a family to Taste of Saskatchewan.  

It easy to forget that we even during our summer of festivals, there is a lot of poverty in our midst. Donations to The Lighthouse drop over the summer months, while the need is often higher.  On Monday our women’s emergency shelterbroke new records for need and the we are seeing more people come in hungry and without shelter.  Saskatoon has the capacity to make this summer a summer of fresh starts for those in need but we need your help.

During a summer of good times with friends and need in our city, please consider combining the two and host an event for The Lighthouse.

Whether you are holding a backyard BBQ, a steak night, or casual golf tournament with friends, we want to partner with you to make it a success. We appreciate your efforts and want to provide as much support as we can to ensure that your event is the best it can be.

If you are holding an event and you simply want to donate proceeds to The Lighthouse Supported Living, feel free to do so. This form is especially for groups or individuals wishing to officially be registered and recognized as a third party event for The Lighthouse. Third Party Events are special fundraising events which are planned, implemented and financed by individuals or organizations outside of The Lighthouse. As a third party event, you are eligible to receive The Lighthouse support and a Lighthouse presence at the event and cross-promotion.

As a registered Lighthouse third party event, here are some ways we can support you:

  • Promoting your event on Facebook, Twitter, Upcoming, and on the website
  • Sending a The Lighthouse representative, when requested and available
  • Providing to the host group charitable receipts for approved donations
  • Provide copies of The Lighthouse promotional material for participants

For more information or to apply to host an event in support of The Lighthouse download our Third Party Event Information Package and Application

Send your completed applications to:

Phone: 306.664.4663
Fax: 306.665.7770