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Giving a Voice to the Voiceless at The Lighthouse

Thanks to Bear, Warren, Harvey and Karmen for sharing with us, in this powerful piece filmed by the Evan Hardy Media School. There was a film festival at the Broadway Theatre in the middle of January and Giving A Voice To The Voiceless won Grand Prize and Fan Favourite.

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The director Marc O’Reilly writes:

I would just like to thank DeeAnn, Bear, Harvey, Karmen, and Warren for being so open to chatting. I’m sure talking about such personal topics in front of the camera was challenging, but the constant comments I get, “It made me cry” or “this has changed the way I look at people” Is all thanks to you guys and I am so happy that it had an impact on people just like what I had originally in-visioned for the film. 

The Lighthouse Up Capital Campaign Video

Check out our Up Capital Campaign video!

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Thank you to Dale for sharing his story. We are so grateful for his help in the kitchen, he truly ‘pays-it-forward’ everyday at the Lighthouse.



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Canadian Definition of Homelessness

This report summarizes what we know about the cost of addressing homelessness by looking at key literature from Canada and the United States. What becomes clear is that the status quo is actually really expensive. It may seem counter intuitive to suggest that it is cheaper and more cost effective to provide people who experience homelessness with the housing and supports they need, rather than simply provide them with emergency supports through shelters and soup kitchens. However, the research reviewed here indicates that this is actually the case. The best social and economic policies should be based on research and evidence, and in this case, the evidence points to the fact that if we do things differently, we not only achieve better social outcomes, but we also save money.

The Wound Inside

While we often talk about The Lighthouse on our blog, this video is about a pilot project called At Home that is run by the Canadian Mental Health Commission.

Lukas makes his rounds as a caseworker, delivering meds, gifts and good cheer to participants while exposing the dark history behind the addiction issues that plague Winnipeg’s Aboriginal homeless population. This short film is a chapter from Here At Home, a web documentary about mental health and homelessness that takes us inside the Mental Health Commission of Canada’s At Home pilot project.