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Cynthia Block & Mike Bone – Donor Story

Thank you to Cynthia Block, Mike Bone and family for their generous support of the Lighthouse Up Capital Campaign!

Cynthia serves on the board Saskatchewan Brain Injury Association, and as such, has a keen interested in appropriate housing for those with Acquired Brain Injuries. Unfortunately, there are higher rates of ABI’s among those experiencing homelessness or inadequate housing than the general population. A study published in 2008 found that more than half of the people who are homeless in Toronto have an ABI. The Lighthouse Dube Tower has numerous tenants with ABIs who are able to live as independently as they wish due to the supports provided.

Block-Bone Family Photo

We believe truly great communities take action to support their most vulnerable, not just because it’s the moral thing to do, but because it makes sense for our collective well-being.  We all benefit when those around us receive the help they need. We’re proud to support the Lighthouse. Thank you for being there for all of our sakes!

– Cynthia Block

Thank you to Cynthia and Mike for your tremendous gift to the Lighthouse. When a community comes together great things happen! If you would like to make a donation call DeeAnn at 306-653-0538 or donate online here.

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