Donate Goods

Please note: The lists below change periodically.
Please check back regularly.

COVID-19 Update

Due to the Pandemic and the ensuing need for dorm space, we have converted our Donations Storage Room into a Dorm.

Thus, we are extremely limited on space to receive donations and must, therefore, limit donations at this time to the lists that you see below.

Critically Needed Items

  • M+W Underware (Bras, briefs, boxers)
  • Juice Boxes
  • Winter Socks
  • Sanitizing Wipes

Needed Items

  • Sweaters & Hoodies
  • Towels
  • Winter Shoes and Boots
  • Laundry Soap
  • Hygiene Items

Other Items

  • Beds (Single, Double)
  • Dressers
  • Kitchen Tables
  • TVs

Hygiene Items

We are always in need of several types of hygiene items


Shampoo | Conditioner | Razors (Men & Women) | Shaving Cream | Toothbrushes | Tooth Paste | Hair Brushes | Combs | Feminine Hygiene | Deodorant

Please Do not Donate
The Following Items

Anything for Children

We are an Adult Only Facility

Dishes and Cutlery

Out of Season Clothing

Dirty or Broken Items and Clothing

Large Appliances

Refrigerators | Freezers | Laundry Machines

Where Can I Bring Donations to?

Food Donations

  • Drop off Hours: 8am to 5pm
  • Drop off Location: In the back alley behind the Lighthouse is a door marked “Kitchen”. (Just a bit to the right of the large garage door.)
  • Ring the doorbell that is near that door
  • Our Kitchen staff will be happy to accept it from you through contactless drop-off.
  • Call before you come 306-653-0538 ext 1 (Then ask for the Kitchen)

Clothing and Small Items

  • Drop off hours: 8am to 8pm
  • Drop off Location: Front Main Entrance of the Lighthouse
  • Call The Front Desk: 306-653-0538 ext 1
  • Our staff can come to receive your donation directly from your vehicle to maintain the best physical distancing at this time.
  • Please ensure all donations to be accepted in this manner have been properly labelled

Due to COVID-19, we are very limited on space to receive donations. Please Contact Us with any questions.

Other Large Items

Please Contact Us using the online form below to see if the item is something we currently need.

Donation FAQs

Do you accept other clothing Items?

The short answer is yes, but at this time, we are very limited on space, so we are asking for mainly the items listed above that we can be as effective with the space that we do have available.

Do you accept used soap and shampoo?

Used bars of soap, no.

But bottles of shampoo and conditioner are ok. Please make sure they are at least half full, and clean on the outside of the bottle.

Food Services

Providing nutritious meals to those in need is at the heart of The Lighthouse. Non-perishable food items and non-expired food items are gladly accepted and will help us to make the meals and sandwiches that we serve each day.

  • Perishable (non-expired food items): fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, frozen food, lean cooking meats, sandwich meats, bread and buns, snacks such as fruit bars, crackers, and cheese sticks), milk, yogurt and cheese
  • Non-perishable food items: pasta, beans, granola bars, canned vegetables, canned tomato products, canned tuna. Large cans are preferred – see above
  • Food for the community kitchen. Lare cans of condensed soup, juice boxes, granola bars, sliced sandwich bread.

For questions or more information about food-related donations, contact or call 306.653-0538.