Figuring Out What's Next

Figuring Out What’s Next

IMG 9397Yesterday a young man who has been staying in our emergency shelter came up to the front desk looking sad and dejected. “Can we help you?” the front desk staff asked. The young man sighed, “I’m just trying to figure out what’s next.” He seemed utterly lost and overwhelmed.


The front desk staff began to slowly inquire what his skills were, what kind of training he had, what he was interested in doing, and did he want to stay in Saskatoon or go somewhere else. They then began to figure out a game plan for tomorrow and the next weeks coming up.

By the time the conversation was over he had a smile on his face and established goals, more than just moving out of the shelter but also to ensure he would not have to stay there again.


While providing shelter is our main goal, the true transformation in people’s live happens after they have a long-term place to stay. They can then begin to focus on other needs such as employment, further education, addictions or their mental health. Our staff try to help in whatever way they can, helping clients access resources in the community to help them succeed.


Staying in an emergency shelter is a low point in most of our clients’ lives. But it is also be a time to make changes in their lives. By working with Lighthouse staff they can create a plan to take concrete steps towards bettering their lives and having a positive future.


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