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Giving Runs in the Family – The Forster Donor Story

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Saskatoon and Saskatchewan are among the best areas in the world to live. This becomes clear when travelling to other countries and cities where the level of poverty and the number of destitute people is overwhelming. For the majority of Saskatoon citizens life is pleasant.

Unfortunately this is not the case for a number of people in the city. Some people need help. Some people have life challenges that are beyond their ability to rise to self sufficiency without community help. Mental illness, physical disability, addiction, illiteracy and life skill problems force many to the streets and incredible hardship.

Most are not lazy people wanting only to live on hand outs. Many deserve a “hand up” and wish to move to a better life. Many street people deserve a chance for a better life and that is where the LIGHTHOUSE comes into play.

Carole and I are grateful that we have the ability to offer financial help to establish and operate the Lighthouse. Many Saskatoon people have contributed to the establishment of the Lighthouse and we know more will help, with their donations, to complete this very worthy and needed Saskatoon facility.

–Clint Forster

Powerful words needing no introduction. Thank you Clint and Carole Forster for your extraordinary donation and your lovely message. The Forster’s were one of the first major gifts given to the Up Capital Campaign, pledging $100,000 at the Lighthouse Radiothon in June. They have contributed to many worthy causes and have spend countless hours volunteering and advocating for causes they believe in. Their passion for helping others has continued on in their children and grandchildren who have volunteered at the Lighthouse as well.

If you would like to donate to the Lighthouse Up Capital Campaign click here, or call 306-653-0538.

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