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Summer Programs at the Lighthouse

In June the Lighthouse started some new programs. Dennis, Whitney Rines, and Whitney Wilkinson, more commonly referred to as Dennis and the Whitneys have designed programs for all skill levels. There has been great turn-out and these programs continue to get better and better.

Monday – Recovery Class @ 1:30pm
This is a group to ask questions and receive answers about addictions. This group offers support on achieving and maintaining sobriety.

Tuesday – Art Classes @ 2:30pm

Art on Display

This class is a way for clients to express themselves in a new way. They do all different types of art and no experience is needed. Art is a great way to relieve stress and anger. Each person’s art has a chance to be placed in the hallways of the Lighthouse for everyone to see their wonderful creations if they wish, or they can keep their completed art.

This class is a great opportunity for volunteers to get involved. We would also appreciate any artistic supplies.

Wednesday – People Skills Class @10:30am

People skills class is a great way to learn communication skills needed in day to day life. The class is a great way to practice people skills in a non-judging environment. The class touches on many different topics which are useful for everyone. There is a lot of role-playing in this class, which participants really enjoy.

Thursday – Walking Group @ 1:00pm

MP3 PlayerThe walking group is a way to get outside and get some exercise among friends. They will be walking to various places and at times to activities. The walking group gives participants a chance to win great prizes like this MP3 player if they walk a certain distance over time.   If you would like to volunteer, please let us know online.

Friday – Funday Group @ 2:00pm

Friday is most certainly a fun day where different activities will be planned depending on the season and what is happening in the city. Some days there will be movies, some days the group will be going swimming or to the museum. Friday’s activities will always be posted on the calendar located at the main office downstairs.  If you would like to volunteer, please let us know online.

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