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Kyle Kehoe – Donor Story

Kyle was inspired to contribute after a tour of the Lighthouse. We encourage anyone who has questions about the services the Lighthouse provides, the Up Capital Campaign, or the progress of the renovations to come down and see our facility. Please call ahead so one of our staff members can show you around!  Thank you to Kyle Kehoe for his donation!

photo (13)When I toured the Lighthouse, I saw so many people in Saskatoon who have nowhere to live, nowhere to go and nothing to eat.  I saw people coming in off the streets and having their needs met by a supportive, caring and well trained staff.  The people living at the Lighthouse have the opportunity to be a part of a community where not only are their basic needs being met, but where they are offered additional supports to help get their lives back on track.  I believe that the Lighthouse is filling an area of need in our community and doing truly great work . I am pleased to be in the position to support the Lighthouse and to help those in need.

– Kyle Kehoe


Thank you so much to the Kyle Kehoe! If you would like to make a donation call DeeAnn at 306-653-0538 or donate online here.

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