The Lighthouse Supported Living is an emergency shelter, supported living and affordable housing provider offering a range of services to people experiencing homelessness and poverty to help them overcome barriers and achieve self-sufficiency. The Lighthouse has over 215 people under our roof in downtown Saskatoon each night supported in a variety of programs. Our mission is to end chronic homelessness through effective programs, partnerships and advocacy.

Our Programs and Services

Emergency Shelter

  • Sleeping dorms for approx. 106 men and women (a combination of emergency shelters, long term dorms and stabilization [intox] beds)
  • All guests are offered a safe bed and meals.

Dubé Supported Living Apartments

Supported living suites (68 suites) includes the following program:

  •        Complex Needs Program, a one-year, by referral, supported housing program for people with complex mental health issues which may include substance                 use disorder (addictions), who are interested in achieving a higher level of independence. (17 spaces)
  •        Anchor Program – Assisted Independent Living  Provides support for individuals with intellectual disabilities who have been homeless or considered “hard            to house” and who struggle with complexities such as mental illness, addictions, high risk lifestyles as well as medical or behavioural challenges. A partner                program  with Community Living Services Delivery. Contact The Lighthouse Intake Coordinator (306)653-6664 for more information.                                            
  •       Managed Alcohol Program (9 spaces) for vulnerable individuals with substance use issues who would otherwise be homeless and suffering harms                             associated with prolonged street level alcohol use.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Affordable Living Apartments

  • Residents in this building live independently. (58 suites)
  • The Lighthouse is their landlord, and offers below market rent.
  • Residents have access to a meal program, health care and other Lighthouse supports.

 Main Dining Room

  • Serves over 172,000 meals annually to the residents of the Dubé Supported Living tower, Emergency Shelter guests, and some residents from the affordable living apartments. 

Cameco Community Kitchen

  • A smaller kitchen run by staff and volunteers with a separate entrance.
  • Approximately 120 community guests are served on Monday and Friday nights.
  • 12,480 free meals are provided annually to those in need – no questions asked!

 The Lighthouse Stabilization Unit (LSU)

  • A safe place for manageably intoxicated people to recover from the effects of alcohol or drugs – dorms for men and women.

 Saskatchewan Health Authority Medical Clinic and On-Site Care Team

  • Nurse practitioners, psychiatric nurse, addictions counsellor, case managers, housing locators, care aide, visiting physician and a visiting psychiatrist.

 Community Housing

  • Next Steps program for people transitioning from a hospital stay to a home.
  • Several homes located in Saskatoon neighbourhoods for people exiting the shelter system who have the ability to live independently with minimal supports.

 Mobile Outreach Team

  • Our outreach team operates a van 12 hours a day (10am-10pm) transporting residents to appointments.
  • They reach out to people living on the street offering water bottles, sandwiches, hope and shelter.

 Volunteer Program

  • Over 200 active volunteers 
  • They help serve meals, clean, sort donations, help with office work, cut hair, make jewelry, provide or support special programs, etc.