Our Programs and Services at a Glance

  • Sleeping dorms for 99 adults
    • emergency shelters,
    • a stabilization [intox] shelter.
  • Guests are offered a safe bed and meals.
  • Access to The Lighthouse SHA low barrier medical clinic.
  • Support to obtain ID, apply for income assistance, and to find a house or home.

The Lighthouse supported living suites (68) in the Dubé apartment building includes the following programs:

  • Complex Needs Program is a one-year, by referral, supported housing program for people with complex life and health issues who are supported to gain more independence.
  • Compass Program offers adults a safe living environment with intensive supports for people affected by severe, persistent mental health challenges and addiction issues.
  • Anchor Program is an Assisted Independent Living Program that provides support for individuals with intellectual disabilities who have been houseless or homeless. 
  • Managed Alcohol Program offers 9 spaces for vulnerable individuals with chronic substance use disorder who would otherwise be houseless or homeless and suffering harms associated with prolonged street level alcohol use.
  • Residents in this building live independently. (58 suites).
  • The Lighthouse is their landlord, and offers below market rent.
  • Residents have access to a meal program, The Lighthouse SHA low barrier medi-clinic and other Lighthouse supports.

Dining Room and Meal Program

  • Serves over 200,000 meals annually to the residents of the Dubé Supported Living tower, emergency shelter guests, and some residents from the affordable living apartments.
  • A smaller kitchen run by staff and volunteers with a separate entrance.
  • Approximately 120 community guests are served on Monday and Friday nights.
  • 12,480 free meals are provided annually to those in need – no questions asked!

A safe place for manageably intoxicated people to recover from the effects of alcohol or drugs – dorms for men and women.

Saskatchewan Health Authority Medical Clinic and On-Site Care Team

Nurse practitioners, registered nurses, psychiatric nurse, addictions counsellor, case managers, housing locators, care aide, visiting physician and a visiting psychiatrist provide care in the Lighthouse SHA low barrier medical clinic. 

  • Next Steps Program, Our community houses host the SHA funded Next Steps program for people transitioning from a hospital stay to a home.
  • We manage and support several homes located in Saskatoon neighbourhoods for people exiting the shelter system who have the ability to live independently with minimal supports.
  • Our outreach team operates a van 12 hours a day (10am-10pm) transporting residents to appointments.
  • They reach out to people living on the street offering water bottles, sandwiches, hope and shelter.
  • Over 200 active volunteers
  • They help serve meals, clean, sort donations, lead cultural crafting, help with office work, cut hair, make jewelry, provide or support special programs, etc

The Lighthouse participates as a Fine Options program organized in collaboration with the John Howard Society. For more information click here.