Housing Plus

As The Lighthouse has grown and changed, it’s gotten harder to describe what we do but when you boil it all down, we are there to help people with their housing.

Housing Plus is a proven and cost-effective way to prevent and address homelessness. Unlike shelters and other services, Housing Plus combines affordable housing with on-site counselling, training and other services that help people live stable and successful lives.

Housing Plus provides services and housing for people who face social isolation and other complex challenges – individuals and families who may have very low incomes and serious, persistent issues that may include mental illness, HIV/AIDS or substance use. It reduces reliance on costly emergency, health and social services and, more importantly, helps people to be strong and successful members of the community.

The Lighthouse is not just a housing provider or a landlord, we offer support for people who can and want to live independently but require some assistance. For those in our emergency shelter, we provide basic meals and shelter, for those in our supported living suites, The Lighthouse provides a higher degree of independence for our residents, while providing basic daily living activities such as preparing meals, taking care of medications, and obtaining basic needs.

 Food services at The Lighthouse
DeeAnn and LisaHolly and Kim

For those in our affordable housing suites, we are there for them as well, even if the need isn’t as great. The Lighthouse has real world experience in providing supportive housing for those recovering from homelessness, and has applied this experience in developing its Housing Plus process. Experience in cities like Portland, Oregon clearly demonstrates that creating a community (as opposed to “building an institution”) is key to recovery from any number of challenges – including homelessness.

For more information on our housing plus programs, please contact The Lighthouse at 306.653.0538 or housing@lighthousesaskatoon.org.

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