If You Are Homeless in Saskatoon

Homeless and on the streets in Saskatoon

If you have nowhere to stay tonight and can’t stay with family and friends, this page is here to help you.

If it is between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. (Monday to Friday) please contact the Ministry of Social Services. If you have a Social Worker, you need and talk with them or an emergency worker. If you don’t have a worker, go down to their office and explain your situation and make it clear you have nowhere to sleep tonight. You will be advised according to your situation.

If it is outside normal working hours (after 5:00 pm), please contact The Salvation Army at 306.242.6833 and speak to an emergency worker who will make an appropriate referral.  If the Salvation Army cannot help, please contact Mobile Crisis at 306.933.6200 and they can give you further advice.

The Lighthouse doesn’t want anyone to be outside and if you don’t have any options, please call us at 306.653.0538 or stop by at 304 2nd Avenue South. Don’t spend the nights on the streets or in a place that isn’t safe.

The following day you may need to go to the Ministry of Social Services to apply to have your case assessed for emergency funding.

If you are at risk of being made homeless

If you know that you are likely to be without somewhere to live soon because you:

  • Have been asked to leave by family or friends.
  • Will be evicted by your landlord.
  • Are likely to lose your house because of mortgage or rent arrears
  • Any other reason

You should contact the Ministry of Social Services and request to speak to a worker to explain your situation. If necessary they will arrange an appointment for you.  If you are housed at The Lighthouse in one of our emergency shelters, our case work staff will work with you to help you find a long term solution to your housing issues.

If you have any questions about emergency housing in Saskatoon, please contact us at 306.653.0538 or email housing@lighthousesaskatoon.org.