Supported Living

Supported living communities are designed for residents that can live independently, but require some assistance. As opposed to a traditional care or group home, supported living communities provide a higher degree of independence for their residents, while helping to manage basic daily living activities such as preparing meals, taking care of medications, and obtaining basic needs that is driven by our Housing Plus philosophy.

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Our Rooms
The Lighthouse features 55 supported living suites. Each suite features its own bathroom and comes equipped with a bed, dresser, chair, and television with Shaw cable. Most of our residents find ways to make it their own home with things like a sofa, DVD player, stereo, mini-fridge, coffee maker or a microwave.

Four of those suites are double suites which allow those who want a roommate. Each one of those suites have an additional bed and television.

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Perhaps the most important amenity we offer is 24/7/365 staffing at our front desk.  Staff are there to talk to, help problem solve, give assistance when needed, and make sure the residents and the building are safe.

Many of our residents have gone to cell phones but if they want a landline, they can add it through Shaw or SaskTel. For those that can’t afford either, there is a free resident phone in the lobby. We also provide a VOIP phone for those who want to make long distance phone calls to friends and family.

Our employment centre is equipped with internet enabled computers which are set up for email, resume writing, job and housing searches.

Laundry services are provided free of charge for all residents in the Lighthouse Supported Living suites. Residents are able to come down and book laundry facilities at a time that works for them. The Lighthouse provides laundry soap and fabric softener for no charge.


For residents living in our supported living facility, they have access to three nutritious meals and a snack each day that are prepared and served in the common dining area. For those that are working or have appointments, meals are saved and made available in a convenient take-out container that can be heated up later. With those that are going to miss a meal time, a “bag lunch” is prepared for them.

Most meals are made from scratch and have a home cooked taste and feel to them. Our kitchen staff takes a lot of pride in the meals we serve and both staff and residents look forward to grabbing a bite to eat in the dining room.

Common Areas

There is a common area off our lobby and it features a big screen television, and comfortable chairs. Coffee house, games night, and volunteer groups provide activities for tenants.

Other Services

Our Physical Needs Room is open for residents to come in and grab clothing and household supplies that have been donated. Money is tight for many of our supported living and residents of the emergency shelter and your donations go a long way in helping our residents to look and feel good about themselves, look appropriate for job interviews and replace worn out clothing and household goods.

Application and Information

For more information, call 306.653.0538 or email  If you are looking to move into The Lighthouse and feel a supported living suite would be appropriate for you, fill out our online application or come by the office during office hours and talk to one of our staff.

Online Supported Living Application