The Lighthouse House Rules

  1. No drugs or alcohol are allowed in or around the building.
  2. The use of drugs and/or alcohol is grounds for eviction.
  3. All visitors must register at the front desk and leave by 11PM. The Lighthouse reserves the right to refuse visitors who are deemed harmful or disruptive. Tenants are responsible for their visitors while they are in the building.
  4. No pornography allowed in the building.
  5. Tenants are responsible to provide their own personal hygiene and cleaning products.
  6. Tenants are responsible for keeping their own rooms clean and keeping track of their own belongings. The Lighthouse assumes no responsibility for lost or damaged belongings.
  7. Tenants are not allowed to have the following items in their rooms:
    a. IV needles
    b. Weapons of any type
    c. Illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia
    d. Alcohol or alcohol containers
  8. Tenants are responsible for doing their own laundry. There is a sign-up sheet at the front desk.
  9. No abuse of staff, visitors, tenants, or property will be tolerated.
  10. All medication is to be stored at the front desk.
  11. All rents are due on the first day of each month.
  12. One month’s notice is required when moving out.
  13. The front desk is locked at 11PM. If returning after 11PM, you will have to enter via the security doors.
  14. Quiet time is from 11PM until 7AM. All tenants must be in their rooms with no loud music or TV. No visitors are allowed in rooms after 11PM.
  15. No disturbing the peace, at any time.
  16. No dishes are allowed out of the dining room.
  17. Tenants are expected to comply with all existing policies and with new policies as implemented.