Managed Alcohol Program

What is a Managed Alcohol Program (MAP)?

A supported housing program for vulnerable individuals with substance use issues who would otherwise be homeless and suffering harms associated with prolonged street level alcohol use.The Lighthouse Managed Alcohol Program (MAP) aims to reduce the harmful effects of alcohol use among people who are currently unable to stop using.

MAP is a Harm Reduction Strategy

“Harm reduction acknowledges that many individuals coping with addiction and problematic substance use may not be in a position to remain abstinent from their substance of choice. The harm reduction approach provides an option for users to engage with peers, medical and social services in a non-judgemental way that will ‘meet them where they are’.”
~Canadian Mental Health Association

MAP provides safe, supported housing for homeless individuals who have been frequent users of emergency services due to the harms associated with chronic alcohol dependence. The program offers the prospect of belonging in a respectful, non-judgmental, communal environment. In addition to other housing support, participants are provided with and administered a medically regulated dose of alcohol at set increments throughout the day. The goal of MAP is to help participants stabilize, gain a sense of community, and improve their quality of life.


For more information about the Managed Alcohol Program, please contact 306-222-1826.

Thank you to the following program funders:

This program is supported by many, many friends of The Lighthouse who donate to make lives better.