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Grant McGrath – Donor Story

Thank you to Grant McGrath for his donation to the Lighthouse Up Capital Campaign. Grant is the chair of the governing board of the Plan to End Homelessness in Saskatoon and as such, has been working to connect and advocate for agencies working with those who suffer from a lack of appropriate housing. His leadership will benefit the most vulnerable in our community with the goal to find long-term, sustainable housing.

The Lighthouse will continue to play a key role in ending homelessness in Saskatoon by housing those who need extra support to reach their highest level of independence. The Lighthouse is thankful for Grant’s support as we seek to renovate our supported living suites, and expand our programs and services.


“As a community we can no longer accept homelessness as inevitable for any of our neighbors. The Lighthouse Supported Living provides emergency shelter, supported living, and affordable housing to those who face significant housing challenges in our community.  The work of the Lighthouse will be instrumental in our community’s quest to end homelessness in Saskatoon. After touring the Lighthouse with Don and DeeAnn, I am more than convinced that The Lighthouse is deserving of my financial support.”

–Grant McGrath


Western Sales (1986) Ltd

Thank you so much to the Grant McGrath! You too can make a difference in your community. Donate online to the Lighthouse by clicking here.


Angela Bergerman & Family – Donor Story

Angela Bergerman and her family have helped at many of the Lighthouse Up Capital Campaign events, especially the Lighthouse Radio-thon. Their donation will help the Lighthouse expand the emergency shelters, renovate the supported living suites and provide dedicated programming space which will teach life skills to those that call the Lighthouse home. For the Bergerman family giving back is the best way to give thanks for the blessings they have in their own lives. Thank you to the Bergerman family for their dedication and always being willing to pitch in!

Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 11.13.42 AMMy youngest daughter and I toured the Lighthouse together. It is truly a wonderful facility – the staff and volunteers are passionate, dedicated people that care about improving the quality of life of the less fortunate and those struggling with mental illnesses and addictions.  In addition to providing a roof, warm meals and friendship, the staff at the Lighthouse offer hope, inspiration and guidance to people who often have nowhere else to turn. 

 My daughter and I left the Lighthouse both thinking how incredibly fortunate we were -We would go home to a warm meal with our loving family, and be safely tucked into our cozy beds that night, counting our many blessings.

 A big thank you from our family to the staff and volunteers at the Lighthouse and to all the donors that allow the lighthouse to maintain its operations – It really is amazing.

–Angela Bergerman & Family

Thank you so much to the Bergerman Family! You too can make a difference in your community. Donate online to the Lighthouse by clicking here.

Stephanie Hughes – Donor Story

Stephanie Hughes is truly an inspiration to those around her. Young, driven and passionate about helping Saskatoon be the best it can be, Stephanie always puts a smile on the faces of those around her. Her donation proves that philanthropy is for people of all ages. Her reasons for giving back are very connected to love for her family:


After returning from WW2, my grandfather often astonishingly commented on how poverty could exist in Canada, a country that has so much. Frank and Irma Hughes lived generosity, supporting those in need without a second thought. My parents passed on this legacy, selflessly giving of their resources and time. My family has taught me the importance of giving and of loving those who may need a special act of kindness. My own path has been a blessed one and I am fortunate to be able to support The Lighthouse, an amazing organization that provides support and friendship to people in need.

–Stephanie Hughes
Thank you so much to Stephanie Hughes! You too can make a difference in your community. Donate online to the Lighthouse by clicking here.

Patty and Tim Timmerman – Donor Story

The Lighthouse is incredibly thankful for the Timmerman family’s gift towards the Up Capital Campaign. Patty was the co-chair of the Lighthouse Radio-thon this past summer, and put in many hours resulting in a huge success! Patty also gives of her time to various other organizations such as Royal University Hospital and RMHS. Here they share why they decided to get involved at the Lighthouse:


The staff and the residents of The Lighthouse are inspiring and we were inspired to help. The Lighthouse is not there to offer a hand-out, they are there to offer a hand-Up to those in need of a place to call home.  I would encourage everyone to take the time to have a tour of The Lighthouse and witness for themselves the wonderful work being done there.

–Patty & Tim Timmerman

Thank you to the Timmermans! If you would like to make a tour or a donation call DeeAnn at 306-653-0538 or donate online here.

Kyle Kehoe – Donor Story

Kyle was inspired to contribute after a tour of the Lighthouse. We encourage anyone who has questions about the services the Lighthouse provides, the Up Capital Campaign, or the progress of the renovations to come down and see our facility. Please call ahead so one of our staff members can show you around!  Thank you to Kyle Kehoe for his donation!

photo (13)When I toured the Lighthouse, I saw so many people in Saskatoon who have nowhere to live, nowhere to go and nothing to eat.  I saw people coming in off the streets and having their needs met by a supportive, caring and well trained staff.  The people living at the Lighthouse have the opportunity to be a part of a community where not only are their basic needs being met, but where they are offered additional supports to help get their lives back on track.  I believe that the Lighthouse is filling an area of need in our community and doing truly great work . I am pleased to be in the position to support the Lighthouse and to help those in need.

– Kyle Kehoe


Thank you so much to the Kyle Kehoe! If you would like to make a donation call DeeAnn at 306-653-0538 or donate online here.