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Move In Day

Chris Powell sorting out move in informationFrank moving into the new buildingPeople moving in to The Lighthouse

On September 1st, 30 suites were available at The Lighthouse’s affordable housing apartments were available for occupancy and people moved in.  While the entire building won’t be finished until October 1st, it was a big day in both the east and the Empire Hotel Tower.  We had 8 people move from our supported living suites which meant that 8 people from the shelter were able to move to their own homes that day as well.  In all, the project will enable over 30 people who were homeless, living in shelters or on the streets to have a place to call home.  

Thank you to our partners in this project, the Saskatchewan Housing Corporation, Canadian Mortgage Housing Corporation, the Homelessness Partnering Strategy, and the City of Saskatoon for making this day happen.

Women’s Shelter Open’s Tonight

After a lot of work by our contractor Quorex, a lot of staff, and the help of some residents, the new and expanded women’s shelter is open tonight.  This new space will hold 20 beds in a large common area and one bed in a respite room for women who need to be alone.  It also features more shower and bathroom stalls as well as almost three times as much square feet per bed as before.  We really are proud of it.

With the movement of the women to their new dorm, we can move the men off of mats in the lounge to their “new to them” dorm.  The 17 beds will be an upgrade for the men and allow for us to start a refurbishment of the lounge area.  It will feature computers, some more tables and chairs, coffee equipment and this summer, a Slurpee machine.

New beds for the women, upgraded beds for the men.  It isn’t very much fun for those in our shelters but we are working very hard at making it as pleasant as we can for those who are in them.