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Giving Runs in the Family – The Forster Donor Story

Clint & Carole Forster photo2

Saskatoon and Saskatchewan are among the best areas in the world to live. This becomes clear when travelling to other countries and cities where the level of poverty and the number of destitute people is overwhelming. For the majority of Saskatoon citizens life is pleasant.

Unfortunately this is not the case for a number of people in the city. Some people need help. Some people have life challenges that are beyond their ability to rise to self sufficiency without community help. Mental illness, physical disability, addiction, illiteracy and life skill problems force many to the streets and incredible hardship.

Most are not lazy people wanting only to live on hand outs. Many deserve a “hand up” and wish to move to a better life. Many street people deserve a chance for a better life and that is where the LIGHTHOUSE comes into play.

Carole and I are grateful that we have the ability to offer financial help to establish and operate the Lighthouse. Many Saskatoon people have contributed to the establishment of the Lighthouse and we know more will help, with their donations, to complete this very worthy and needed Saskatoon facility.

–Clint Forster

Powerful words needing no introduction. Thank you Clint and Carole Forster for your extraordinary donation and your lovely message. The Forster’s were one of the first major gifts given to the Up Capital Campaign, pledging $100,000 at the Lighthouse Radiothon in June. They have contributed to many worthy causes and have spend countless hours volunteering and advocating for causes they believe in. Their passion for helping others has continued on in their children and grandchildren who have volunteered at the Lighthouse as well.

If you would like to donate to the Lighthouse Up Capital Campaign click here, or call 306-653-0538.

DCG Donor Story

Thanks to DCG for supporting the Lighthouse throughout the Up Capital Campaign and donating $27,500! They have also contributed backpacks and much needed items to those staying at the Lighthouse over the holidays, and volunteered their time and energy to ensure our Radiothon was a huge success. Their commitment to many worthy organizations in Saskatoon is truly spectacular!

Lighthouse DCG Team photo

 The Lighthouse Supported Living Inc. is such a great organization. From the moment you walk in you are greeted with caring staff and wonderful residents. Lighthouse has opened the door for us in terms of how we see and need to support those who in our community who are homeless, suffering from mental illness, and to those who fall through the cracks needing a helping hand from time to time.

Last December the team at DCG and their families made sure that every homeless person spending Christmas Day at Lighthouse received a backpack full of practical items and goodies. When it came to the campaign we also knew we needed to support this important project and have donated $27,250 so far. We are privileged to have been able to support this campaign and in turn the people needing our support at Lighthouse.

Thank you so much to the entire DCG team! If you would like to make a donation call DeeAnn at 306-653-0538 or donate online here.

Long-time Supporters Brian & Kathy Turnquist give to the Up Capital Campaign

The Turnquist’s have been generous supporters of the Lighthouse for many years and this year have designated their gift of $25,000 to go towards the Up Capital Campaign to renovate the suites in the Dube Lighthouse Tower and to expand the emergency shelters and programming space.

Brian and Kathy are also very giving of their time volunteering at the Lighthouse with St. Paul’s United for Coffee and Conversation on Tuesday nights. Their enthusiasm for the mission of the Lighthouse combined with their relationships with the clients make the Turnquists strong advocates for supportive housing for those in need in Saskatoon. Brian has also joined the Campaign leadership team to encourage others to lend their support to the Lighthouse.


Our reasons for assisting at The Lighthouse are quite simple.  We believe we have a responsibility to help our neighbors in Saskatoon to live with dignity.  The Lighthouse is ideally located in the downtown to serve their clients with safe housing and with a short-term shelter.  The expansion and renewal at The Lighthouse is an important project for Saskatoon and we are very pleased to be a part of it.                             

                                      – Brian Turnquist

Thank you so much Brian and Kathy! You are leaders in the Saskatoon community. If you would like to make a donation call DeeAnn at 306-653-0538 or donate online here.

Mosaic gives a makeover to the Men’s Emergency Shelter on the United Way’s Day of Caring

On June 19th, United Way held their annual Day of Caring in which volunteer groups from local businesses join together with non-profit organizations to have a work be on a specific project. 

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The Lighthouse was paired with an energetic and hard-working team from Mosaic, who decided to give our men’s emergency shelter a makeover. They gave the dorm a thorough cleaning, painted the wall, the bases of the beds, bought fresh bedding and pillows, and hung sports Jerseys on the wall. It was great to make our men’s shelter into a more masculine, relaxing, home-y space.

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For many of the gentlemen who stay in our emergency shelter they have exhausted all other options of places to stay. They may arrive traumatized or severely broken. Circumstances in their life may have suddenly changed due to mental or physical health challenges, lost of a job, or changes stemming from their current place of residence.

The Lighthouse works to build them back up again by starting with a good night’s sleep in a safe place, a hot meal, and a warm bed. From there we work to access next steps so they can have a place to call home again. Some of the people who stay in our shelter may need help to live independently and for them we offer our supported living suites. Other may need a landlord to take a chance on them and qualify for our affordable housing suites. Still other men may just need a brief place to stay before the find appropriate housing in the wider community. 

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Thank you so much to the Mosaic crew for all their hard work. Their spirit of generosity and willingness to give back to those less fortunate in our community really humbled the Lighthouse staff and clients.

Thanks also to the United Way for coordinating the Day of Caring. Last year our women’s shelter received a makeover during the Day of Caring, and we are already looking forward to next year! To learn more about United Way’s Day of Caring visit: http://www.unitedwaysaskatoon.ca/news.php.

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Thank You Heads Up Radio-thon Volunteers and Donors!


Our Heads Up Radio-thon in support of the Lighthouse Capital Campaign on June 12th, 2013 was an amazing success thanks to our sponsors, volunteers, and donors! Together we raised over $238,000 towards renovating the Dube Lighthouse (formally the Capri Hotel) and to expand our emergency shelter capacity and programming space.

We have over 60 volunteers help out from 6:00 am in the morning to 6:00 pm. Moms allowed their kids to skip class to help wave signs, serve coffee, and collect donations. Thank you to these amazing volunteers:

Lesley Courtney

Heather Kehoe

Erin Ens

Judy Rhode

Patty Timmerman

Bonnie Russell

Aimee Morgan

Kris Stephenson

Amanda Loraas

Cara Fritz

Terry Swan

Kendra Rodych

Tracy Rosner

Gail Sohen

Debbie Olsen

Susan Bristow

Angela Bergerman

Aiden Rogers

Jonathan Forrest

Janice Donnelly

Adele Karolat

Laurie Karwacki

Darlene Bell

Olivia Yuel

Kelly Porter

Renee Gauthier

Chelsea Korpan-Sparks

Dianna Stampe

Terry Swan

Sheldon Mathies

Carmen Schick

Robert Dombowsky

Graeme Zirk

Anthony Thoen

Joe & Jean Doneaur

Deanne Opdahl

Rae Mudrey

Cheyenne McLelland

Kristy Dean

Phaedra Hitchings

Cole Rodych

Nolan Rohlicek

TJ Smith

Brooke MacBain

Michaila Lukowich

Julia Lukowich

Elizabeth Gorsalitz

Conrad Timmermann

Drew MacBain

Roman Timmerman

Owen Weiss

Brock Ochitwa

Payton Ochitwa

Emma Russell

Olivia Bell and her friends Claire, Shay, Elly, Cali, Kate