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Thank You Heads Up Radio-thon Volunteers and Donors!


Our Heads Up Radio-thon in support of the Lighthouse Capital Campaign on June 12th, 2013 was an amazing success thanks to our sponsors, volunteers, and donors! Together we raised over $238,000 towards renovating the Dube Lighthouse (formally the Capri Hotel) and to expand our emergency shelter capacity and programming space.

We have over 60 volunteers help out from 6:00 am in the morning to 6:00 pm. Moms allowed their kids to skip class to help wave signs, serve coffee, and collect donations. Thank you to these amazing volunteers:

Lesley Courtney

Heather Kehoe

Erin Ens

Judy Rhode

Patty Timmerman

Bonnie Russell

Aimee Morgan

Kris Stephenson

Amanda Loraas

Cara Fritz

Terry Swan

Kendra Rodych

Tracy Rosner

Gail Sohen

Debbie Olsen

Susan Bristow

Angela Bergerman

Aiden Rogers

Jonathan Forrest

Janice Donnelly

Adele Karolat

Laurie Karwacki

Darlene Bell

Olivia Yuel

Kelly Porter

Renee Gauthier

Chelsea Korpan-Sparks

Dianna Stampe

Terry Swan

Sheldon Mathies

Carmen Schick

Robert Dombowsky

Graeme Zirk

Anthony Thoen

Joe & Jean Doneaur

Deanne Opdahl

Rae Mudrey

Cheyenne McLelland

Kristy Dean

Phaedra Hitchings

Cole Rodych

Nolan Rohlicek

TJ Smith

Brooke MacBain

Michaila Lukowich

Julia Lukowich

Elizabeth Gorsalitz

Conrad Timmermann

Drew MacBain

Roman Timmerman

Owen Weiss

Brock Ochitwa

Payton Ochitwa

Emma Russell

Olivia Bell and her friends Claire, Shay, Elly, Cali, Kate

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