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Thanks to Modular Storage for their donation!

Thank you to Modular Storage for their donation of much needed shelf cart storage units which will be used to transport laundry to and from the emergency shelters and our stabilization shelter to the laundry. The modules are able to lock, have internal shelving and are on wheels. Even though they are heavy duty, they are also really easy to move around. We put all our equipment through their paces so we are so happy to have some really tough storage!


They also provided some tote storage bins for our winter clothing we collected all year to distribute when the weather turns cold. This will help to keep everything organized and clean as we begin our renovations. tote-closed_yellow-lid

Modular Storage has distributers in Saskatoon, Regina and Winnipeg. To find out more about Modular Storage visit: or call Anson at 306-612-0084.

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