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The StarPhoenix: The Lighthouse Seeks Donations

From The StarPhoenix

The StarPhoenixNew pairs of men’s underwear and socks are in high demand at the Lighthouse Supported Living.

“It’s been a very busy summer around here. Our shelters have been very full,” said DeeAnn Mercier, spokeswoman for the shelter.

Mercier said the Lighthouse, which provides shelter and long term supported living for people with mental health issues, regularly receives donations of used clothing. But because undergarments, socks and other hygiene products are not accepted if they are used, there is a shortage.

“In summer (people using the shelter) travel light, they don’t have as many things with them. We see a lot of transient people in the summer months,” Mercier said.

“When it’s wet – like it’s been here lately – dry socks are really important. Wet socks can cause all kinds of foot problems.”

Mercier said the Lighthouse doesn’t have a target in mind, but she would like to see at least 100 pairs of each – socks and underwear – donated. She also encouraged people to donate these kinds of items to other shelters throughout the city.

“The need doesn’t stop in summer. Just because the weather is nice maybe people aren’t aware that there are people in need, but the need doesn’t stop,” she said.

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