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Urgent Summer Needs for The Shelters

Red boxer briefs.  These are the kind of things we need.When men and women come into either the men’s emergency shelter or women’s emergency shelter, they are often in the need of clothing and hygiene products like soap, deodorant, underwear and socks.   While we get in a lot of clothes donations, we generally don’t receive underwear and sock donations (for the obvious reason that people toss them out when they wear out)

New underwear and hygiene products that make a big difference in how people see themselves and makes a difference as people take the steps to find employment, safe housing, and start to put their lives back together.  When you only have the pair that you are wearing because you have lived on the streets or are fleeing domestic violence, your need is real and immediate.

While you are out and about this summer, we have men and women that would really appreciate it if you tossed a pack of underwear, socks, or some hygiene products (for men and women) into your cart and dropped them off at The Lighthouse.  We give them out free of charge to those that need them.  You have no idea what a big difference a small purchase like this can mean.

The Lighthouse is staffed 24/7 and so anytime that works for you to drop off some donations, it works for us.   More importantly, helps out a lot of people this summer.


While our demand for hygiene products seems to peak over the summer, our need for socks goes way up once the summer turns to fall and there is moisture on the ground.  With many of our clients diabetics, it is really important that they have good foot health.  So even if we have a mountain of socks, they all get used in the cold weather months.   Any new socks that you can bring in at anytime makes  a big difference to our clients, now and in the wet and cold months to come.

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